COME WITH REVERSE: Come With Reverse EP (Autoproducido 2012) (ENGLISH VERSION)

come withreverseI have never been much to so much of the Greek scene. I don’t know if it exists as such, if it is solid or if, on the other hand, there are any «free» groups but without a base behind. (Enough) years ago, I know that there were bands working (perhaps Into The Abyss is the most well-known) but nowadays I admit that the little thing that is coming to me from the “cradle of the democracy” has nothing to do with the music, unfortunately. This way, when this EP of Come With Reverse turn fell down in my hands, firstly, was struck by his «exotic form». The second thing, his magnificent cover and booklet and the third thing … the third thing was later. Later, when it was already turning in the CD, when it had already happened to me (I can be slightly stupid but I don´t give priority to the secondary thing) the first impression. Then it was when Come With Reverse created in me the most lasting shake.Then, what do we have here? We have six songs, six, of good taste, really, friends. Six songs, six, which add slightly less than thirty minutes for the absolute enjoyment of every fan of the gothic rock. You already know the keys of the genre, do not make me repeat them again. You know already about what I speak. How? What? What whom do they remind? What to whom do they look alike? So if I tell the truth, to all and to nobody. These guitars have parents, certainly, but they might be perfectly “adopted”. Some diffuse keyboard … The voice remembers, especially in the tone, the mythical ones (for the gothic rockers of medium age, the youngsters will not know them and they owed) Dronning Maud Land. What is always of being grateful. But it does not look like a forced question, surely be a simple coincidence in the timbre, there is not about what worrying. For the rest, although I would dare to bet on what he usually dreams in their CD players, they are not alike too much anybody. And that, it is good, very good. And: what is the bad thing? Since that the CD is short and one remains with desire of more and oh, yes, I can hear it again, but it is not the same. Certainly, if this is the bad thing, is good. And if this is the worst of this EP … I read round there that were referring to them as newcomers. Well… that it is to remain.