OCTOBER PEOPLE, 23 January 2015, Moby Dick, Madrid

It was very, very cold in Madrid that night. A temperature that’s necessary if you want to enjoy the warmth of the introduction of an album which name’s Love Is Colder Than Death. As nonsensical as it may seem, the idea I had about what was going to occur that night, was exactly that one. A striking radiation of warmth and energy… Cold as only love and death can be. I foretold everything; the recent interview with the band, the usual hearing of an album that has become one of my favorites, and has been revolving through my player again and again. October People rarely appear live (much less that I would like to) and the Moby Dick concert hall seemed to be the perfect place.


Before the concert, expected conversations, the best company (or almost) for the event and the deep wish that everything would be a success. And cold, that one that leaks through your bones a lot. That was going to be fixed soon, though. More or less as the long introduccion (as normally)that came before Wishes began. A song that could be used as a summary for the rest of the night. Sounded fantastic and Gio seemed extremely exultant. With all of this, both of the aspects were going to get better during the rest of the recital. As difficult as it may seem, since the beginning, since the first song, everything felt perfectly “oiled”. The habitual lights, red and blue, smoke, a lot of smoke from the ‘80s. It decorated the hall, but it made difficult the work of the fotographers. They came to work, I see them clapping every moment.

IMG_4211IMG_4607Behind me I feel that the company that I told before liked the song. It was only a feeling because she doesn’t talk much, she was very focused… Voices (the homonymous of the band) from the first album too. Very worked, Vito’s guitar, specially alive, specially “noisy”. In the best way. Kike’s bass was overwhelming as it uses to be, and the drumsticks (Dani plays better everytime I see him) apparently introspective, hold all the resounding framework that is used as an ideal platform for Gio to exhort the public. It’s not his fault to be like Gahan, in fact the leather pants don’t suit him. Anything looks forced, everything flows. As the song grows, the sound does it too, perfect, clear. Between Frames is the verification of what I have said thus far. Everyone sings, even the ones who don’t usually do it. The song that begins LICTD improves live (well, all songs from the first CD do, at least this night), as good as Our Darkest Time. One of my favorites from the new album, the one we are going to check now. The expected songs are played one after the other; Not The One (the only single of the band and amazing like no other), Leave Your World Behind (with that beginning à la Lucretia) and La Transformación.


That La Transformación must be a single (PREFERABLY WITH MUSIC VIDEO) is something that I’ve always thought since the first time I heard it. I understand the reasons to doubt about it (watch interview) but anyway… The audience went crazy –I didn’t say anything before, but it was quite numerous, it almost filled the hall-. He sang from the top of his lungs all the track and if there was a reticence (I sincerely think not), from that song, the “communion” was almost total. Thanking the sweat and the enthusiasm that they throw from the stage, enjoying the fantastic sound they have, the interpretation, what should really be a live concert: well played songs, well singed and not only that, it has to be a bonus in relation to the recording, or that’s how I feel it. And that’s how they had to feel it to because that’s exactly what they did. The songs, all well worked, well practiced, we notice that time has passed and the connection between the musicians is total.  Mr. Cabezalí’s  “dead” hand floating in the environment, being there in every arrangement… a night that was getting near its ecuator and that with only that first part it was going to be something unforgettable for a lot of time.


The Neverending Lie (perfect) and Fearless (incredible) maintain the level despite they can’t (it will be impossible) arrive to the Transformación’s climax. By now it is obvious that the event is unrepeatable, that it will be hardly repeatable and that we are lucky to be there, singing every song out loud. Musically, vocally, interpretatively… Nothing bad can be said about the performance. The band, normally quite static, is completely out of control. The people react, and of course, the result is the one that has to be. I mention that with my Nordic companion and she doesn’t say quite much but by her gesture I think she agrees. She’s very quiet but it is easy to understand. And the band has left the scene. I imagine the group will go back onstage for an encore.


IMG_4418Almost all the LICTD was revised, What I Am is missing, obviously. With it begins the second part and with it ends the “new” repertoire.  We could appreciate if the sound adjustments suit Gio’s vocal work in this song. The truth is that we checked that very fast. It sounded awesome. Until the second break, they have time to play The Garden, The Wait and Once Again. The first two songs were amazing (I love the beginning of The Garden and how it grows and evolving, specially the keyboard but with all the instruments at a very high level), Once Again simply spectacular. Extended until the luminiferous paroxysm –fortunately, there wasn’t any epileptic in the hall- and distorted in a tremendous end, one of those that are worth a whole ticket, but there were a lot of moments like this one.


They left for the second bis the expected –by me– Juliette. Slightly different from the recorded one (we were aware), they got their oldest songs to sound with energy and the “touch” of their last era. It happened with Juliette and with the rest too, but maybe now it is more obvious. Juliette always fills the void… They ended with When The Sun Goes Down. A perfect end. But maybe they could end with song which is “more hit” than that one, specially if you are introducing the new album. But if you analyze the repertoire, it seems to me absolutely impeccable. Surely, someone wanted to hear The War Is Over. But anyway, from a repertoire of twenty or twentyone songs (if we count versions, eighteen “officially”) if you play fifteen, people will complain about the ones you didn’t play. In total, one hour and three quarters. Time seemed scarce without being.


This performance brings the sensation of living something unrepeatable. There will be more concerts, more tours, more opportunities to watch October People. There will be more times, more halls, more songs. But it won’t be the same, it won’t be “the first time I hear that or that other song live”. And from the first time in a long period, I can’t say nothing bad about the concert. Even the organization. Everything was simply perfect.


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