At the beginning of 2015, we found a new album by Trepaneringsritualen, Thomas Martin Ekelund’s nom de guerre. This time, it is the reedition in CD by the prestigious Cold Spring Records of its great album that was edited by Kości Tape in 2011, on cassette and in a super limited edition of 40 copies with a spectacular packaging. What we have here is their second discography work (brilliantly remastered), three years after their astonishing “Ritualer, Blot Och Botgöring” from 2008.

TRP Live 4

Foto de Karolina Urbaniak

The presentation of this album in digipack seems very remarkable while watching their pictures and the design of the artwork, (b&w) and in limited edition of 1000 copies to reach the true ones of this artist. In its inside we can find 9 songs where the darkness, the mysticism and the pagan rituals are the basis on which the composition is structured. The topic, as usual in T × R × P, is supported by Ritual, Dark-Ambient and Death Industrial foundations.

Trepaneringsritualen went deep in this album in the clasic roots of bands like Brighter Death Now. Religion, death, pain, magic, occultism and suffering are the topics that this project covers and its sounds awaken the darkest parts of conciousness.

TRP Live 5

Foto de Karolina Urbaniak

Every composition is remarkable, however I will focus on some of them, the ones that caught my attention or the ones that reflect the concept that this work wants to transmit. «Cherem», song that opens up the album, sounds apocalyptic, and shows us, as an introduction, the shadows and darkness that surround every composition by this artist. “Veil the World”, song that gives name to the album in a brilliant and sensationalist composition; its post-industrial rythm makes it, without any doubt, in one of the best songs of the album. “Lightbringer”, with guttural voices, pushes us to a more perverse side. “Akeldama” and its industrial sounds, where it is created an atmosphere where Thomas’ voice pushes us for good to hell of emotions, to pain and suffering. “Cèst un reve”, song that ends the album, is a great cover of Death in June, and its repetitive rythm, almost martial, introduces us to a hypnotic dream and in a trip to the deeper and darker part of the human mind.

T × R × P’s world is just like this, overwhelming, dark, evil, industrial and very suggestive… And it’s obvious that Trepaneringsritualen is an essential refference in the Death Industrial scene at the moment.