SORRY, HEELS – The Accuracy Of Silence (Gothic Music Records 2014)

The Chants of Maldoror was one of the most outstanding band from the italian dark scene from the late twentieth century and the beginning of this one. From the ashes of those who were going to emerge afterwards (in 2011), Sorry, Heels now introduce their first album. Fabiano (now guitarrist, but bass in The Spiritual Bats) and David M (bassist) decide with Simona Pietrucci (vocalist) to respond to their musical concerns, close relatives of the ones mentioned above, but relatives in second or third degree. And that is that Sorry, Heels move in different parameters from the ones that distinguished CHoM in the past: the sharp guitars still there, the basses hammer on without any pity as always, but maybe because of Simona’s velvety voice or because of subsequent reasons, all of The Accuracy Of Silence is covered by an enhanced elegance, a decadent and beautiful atmosphere, and with a lot of softened strength.



Light’s End starts the album and it is a good exaple of what I have said thus far, melody, beauty, and the feminine voice above all. A lot more darkwave than deathrock, it hooks you up from the first chord. On the contrary, Carving a Smile is more in the line of the chants, roughness, sharp strings, the canonical pureness of  always. One of the best cuts of an album that is full of them.  Passing Through returns to the sinister essence, with the bass at full speed and the guitar drawing over it, a look back to the 90’s that will be more obvious in the next cut: Last Day On Earth (it was the one we choosed for the podcast «Tarteras y Calaveras«). Supported in the new quality and warmth of Pietrucci’s voice, this last day on Earth gets together more darkness and good taste than the eighty percent of the albums that you can listen to these days. One of those pieces that, in addition, stick to you like warm caramel that you can’t shake off.


On the contrary,  In Love With Silence changes quite the register. From the sampled intro, the frostily perfect percussion, from the most spooky way to sing, passing through the guitars and basses, now completely deathrockers, even the structure of the song, is different from the rest but with the same soul. That essence that is so elusive so many times, that traces that so much bands try to set album after album, song after song, years of work; that «own sound» that this guys are demonstrating in their debut album. With Fragment we go back to the fast rythms, danceable, perfect for a session in a bar that of course, you won’t enjoy here. And has an odd likeness that I won’t disclose here. Dear reader, you will have to listen to it.



Bruises, Not Scars in which guitars and feminine voice are pure «gothicness». It has a lassitude that makes it more sticky and special. The classic song (in the best sense) which is the worthly heir that reaches (maybe it will beat them) the evident influences and adds them a different touch. Classic and original N.I.B. is a version of the well-known Black Sabbath, maintains the riff but dilutes the heavy from the 70’s atmosphere in the surgical accuracy from Fabiano’s guitar and Simona’s melodic capacity. At the end, is one of those versions that get you to like a song whose original version you hate (or at least it doesn’t interest you). I’ve always liked this «non-obvious» versions that make of their own songs which are very far stilystically. The Accuracy Of Silence ends with Not The Way, elegant, gorgeous, silky, dark and gloomy. The reserved bass and drums, very notable, close a very short song whose only flaw is that it lasts less than two minutes…


There are many different debuts. There are some that have mistakes, -usual ones or not- because of the fact of it being the first album. This is not the case. Sorry, Heels introduce themselves with a strong, compact and perfect work. A CD that makes you verify if it really is their debut, mature and complex as fresh and creative. A delightful album. The Accuracy of Silence shows a magnificent (and amazing) reality.


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