Fixion is a rock band from Montevideo, it was assembled in 2002 as a personal project within Daniel César’s career (guitar and voice) who had already taken part in punk and post punk bands from his country. Fixion’s style can be encompassed between gothic rock, gothic metal and alternative, and they have shared stage with bands like Lacrimosa or The Sisters of Mercy.

Besides Daniel, he is accompanied by Tina Souto with the voice, Seba Etchecopar (drums) and Guille Albano (bass).

“Paraíso”, is their third LP.



And the homonymous song starts the album, full of metal sounds from the 80’s but without being plain and repetitive. Paraíso is full of guitars, good voices and a rythm that is simple but not because of that is less special. Espectral, performed by Martina, is a song about the search and the flight, where it is highlited not only the voice but the guitars, which are «rammsteinian».


Hasta el Amanecer sounds a bit more tecno, but maybe just the beginning, because the rock sound of the guitar is almost essential in their songs.

Infected by the passion and the strength of the previous cuts, comes Herejía, this time performed as a duo, it’s a song with a «moment of lucidity waiting to bite» as they say in the lyrics.


promo_pic9_2532x4288El Impulso is the chosen single to introduce the record and they couldn’t be a better one. Adrenalin, that is what this four minutes are. Inmaterial picks up the ashes of the passion and the strength from the last song, a quieter tone accompained by a more gothic-romantic lyrics.

Reina del Hielo has one of those lyrics that make you smile as woman, queen and freezing cold sometimes; Siguiendo al Animal is a song that moves you between the conciousness and the unconciousness through the voices, the riffs, the choir, drums, is one of those songs that make you go a bit crazy and in the end wakes up the animal that we all have inside, the one that each one prefers.


Siren’s Call is the only song in the record that is singed in English, and it sounds very very well. Influenced by all songs with sirens in their lyrics (mythological, not alarms) have to be slow and sweet, this siren song with guitars and performed by both, is so good and catchy (that is its purpose) like the other ones.

With Vuela Alto they finish a record that is full of good rythm, guitar and bass, exceptional drums, music, rythm and lyrics, all very well treated. Especially this last song, which is full of rage and forgiveness at the same time, I like metaphors that enclose and discover this song.


Although they are influenced by various bands and the components come from different scenes of Uruguayan rock and punk music, but Fixion has its own sound as a band, it’s a great gothic metal band in spanish.