DOUBLE ECHO: La Danza (Gothic Music Records 2015)

Double Echo. From Liverpool. Name and origin sound good. Created in 2012, they have published 3 EPs so far, but on 25 April, «La Danza», their first LP is going to be released umder the brand of Gothic Music Records. Chris Luna and Ash Lerczack are the members and performers of the project, being in charge of the bases, programming, voices and sythesizers, with Roland in charge of the drums machine.

The first song of the album, with the same name as this one, is a good introduction and sample of what we’re going to find throughout the CD; goth sound from the 80’s, with their sythesizers, guitars and emulated basses and lyrics, and a sound that is totally The Cure but with feminine voice. I personally loved it. Even though I couldn’t avoid to remember Joaquín Reyes imitating Robert Smith and saying that his favorite era is the «dindondin» one, but this is because I link weird stuff.


I Used To Be In Pictures follows the same line than the classic bands of our little world, but printing their own brand. I know there’s a lot of people who are upset because actual bands sound «just like» and they don’t take a risk with what they call «new sounds», but this doesn’t bother me. And Double Echo are one of those bands that could have sounded 20 years ago and now, and their music would be equally great.

The Sentence is another one of those songs that at the 20″ it causes you that pleasurable sensation that can only be provoked by some chords, specific sounds, to those who like this type of music; this few notes make you feel like home, songs that are a welcome sign themselves, enjoy it.

The Waiting Game, another geat song with feminine voice and all the classic elements mentioned before, including suounding guitar, bass and drums… It’s one of those songs that if until now you haven’t been transported 20 or 25 years ago (we won’t continue to reveal the age), It will stick you in Marqués de Vadillo all at once.

Distance, the chosen song to be the single on the releasing, is a great one. Yes, it could recall all the classics, or Clan of Xymox, or Joy Division or even the Sisters, but if this song doesn’t make you move your feet and rewind until reminding you all the moments in which this song could be playing even if it didn’t existed, it’s because you have lost your spark.

10414502_824309207635775_1583291426563514451_nFortunately, Lustless Silences is the opposite of what the title says; Chris Luna’s voice in perfect harmony with the classic notes of the most romantic classic melodies, but as I said before without being that. I like it when listening to a new band, their music makes the light in the room more and more weak as the songs keep playing until I’m in the dark with a liter glass of beer with grenadine (ew, really, I don’t know why we drank that mix of cough syrup with bubbles) in my hand. And Double Echo is reminding me so much that I am going over all the transfers I had to take to go to what now is a salsa club, sniff.

Statue is another great song of this album, some kind of techno ballad performed by Ash with a mix of all the classic sounds in guitar and sythesizer format, now sound two seconds later than this ones but joined in a magnificent conjunction at the same time.

Maybe Concrescence, the song that finishes the album, has the perfect title to define what Double Echo is, guitar, voices, synthesizers and drums as self-sufficient organs united in the same mass. Without any doubt, a strongly recomended album if you like to teleport to your memories even if you haven’t even heard the song , if you like the classic sound of gothic rock from the 80’s or 90’s but you eally want to hear something new, La Danza (which, moreover invite us to do it) is your album.