WINTER SEVERITY INDEX: Slanting Ray (Blood Rock Records 2014)

1458440_826236590736877_599595615_nI remember when I first heard this band formed in Rome. It was an accidental discovery that stunned me. And that happened in 2011. A year before, they released their first EP “Winter Severity Index”. Their special and cared sound cached me almost immediately, and became a band whose work I am following passionately to date. In 2013, they released their second EP “Survival Rate”, but we had to wait until 2014, when they introduced a «long work». Over the years, and in despite of their short professional career, the band has undergone significant changes in their forming until now, in which Simona Ferrucci’s project (guitar, vocals, bass, programming and composition) has the support of Alessandra Romeo (keyboard and sythesizer and former member of Cat Fud and Bohemien). They are the authors of this last and splendid work in which we can perceive clear Joy Division and “Pornography” by The Cure influences, blending with the cold spots of bands like Cranes and classic 4AD groups (such as Cocteau Twins).

Heirs of Post Punk sounds with the frigidity of Cold Wave, in a logic and right evolution from the band’s foundation by Simona back in 2009, in songs like «Fishblood», «A Sudden Cold» or «Bianca», the powerful and marked bass line stands out and envelops the songs.  Melancholic and frozen atmospheres that are filled with passion in compositions like “The Brightest Days” (one of the best songs of all the album…). In “Ordinary Love”, the incorporation of the saxo provides a point of freshness and joy among darkness. “At Least the Snow “, brilliant piece that opens up the album, impels and rises to what awaits us in the rest of the CD. “Embracing the Void”, song that closes the album, adds a quiet but solemn end, a magnificent vocal performance by Simona, wraped in guitar and beatbox magic sounds, making a marvelous atmosphere of sadness that envelops the listener and makes them want to listen to the album again.


Ten songs that are full of emotions, dark atmospheres and melancholy. Ten songs full of romanticism that excites you from the first time you listen to them. A cold and attractive world that can hook the purists followers of classic post punk. In fact, they were part of my TOP 20 best albums that were released last year.

Shortly (May 28 in Rock Palace concert hall) and with De Profundis, they will introduce their album live in Madrid (at the moment it is the only spanish city they have planned to visit). And the thruth is that it seems they have raised a great expectancy. We’re looking forward to see them on stage and listen to this great album and some of the best songs form their last EPs.

I’m sure this two girls won’t disappoint us…