On few occasions I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy a concert of a band that I really love. This was one of them. Since 2011 I follow this great band that makes me shake an vibrate with every composition they make. Finally I had the chance to enjoy their live.


My good friends from De Profundis (who are celebrating their 8th anniversary as event and concert promoters), brought us this girls from Rome during a promising evening. In addition, I was invited to collaborate with them as DJ in the after-show party. It was a night in which we would meet a lot of life-long great friends making the most of this event. The chosen hall, Rock Palace, small, but special for concerts like this one. The night was promising, yes, and a lot…


Already on the small stage of the hall and facing the expectant public, even though it wasn’t very numerous, Simona with the guitar and Alessandra with the keyboard, they seemed to be accompained by Giovanni Stacone with his bass, which would give a lot more strength to their songs live. «The Gift», outstanding and touching song from their EP «Survival Rate», is the chosen one to start their concert. True and deep Cold Wave, sounding at last in Madrid.


A spectacular beginning for what promised to be a great performance. Simona’s voice was marvelous and surrounded everything causing a lot of sensations. I wasn’t surprised by them starting with this song, in fact I think it is the one that reflects the band’s spirit.


This expected beginning (for my part, at least), was followed by «Bianca», song which was the beginning of their last and praised work “Slanting Ray”. Songs followed one another facing a public that was already passionate about this girls. “No Will”, “A Sudden Cold” (Simona’s voice was amazing and gloomy, and the atmosphere the song transmited was dark and icy…), «The Brigthtest Day” (spectacular sound and performance), “Embracing the Void”, “Compulsion”, “At the least the Snow” (so sad and brilliant that it moved me…). At this point they pick up their EP from 2013 again with «Blue Bird», cheerful composition in which the coldest sounds melt with a vital post punk, that motivated people even more to close their review of their last album with «Fishblood» (song that I was willing to listen because of the strength and hugeness that transmits from beginning to end…).

Emotions, darkness, coldness… Sensations that filled up the hall… But another song was left. I was surprised that any song from their first work “Winter Severity Index” from 2010 was played, but it was clear that they were saving «Severity» to close the show. Magnificent culmination for a magnificent concert.

Of course, they came back to the stage, to offer us another two songs, «Encore» (pure improvisation execution, that is how their concerts usually are…) and a replay of «A Sudden Cold» that of course, brought joy to the public.


I have to thank and send greetings to my friends from De Profundis, which gave us the chance to enjoy a real Cold Wave night, with a band that, despite of their short career in the music world, has a bright future towards them. And Simona and Alessandra were charming and brilliant. It was a pleasure to meet them personally and to fully enjoy their concert.


I’m sure we’ll meet again…

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