LES FLEURS DU MAL: Knife In My Back EP (Malicious Release 2012) (ENGLISH VERSION)

The Swedes Les Fleurs Du Mal will shortly present their first full length CD, or so we hope. Meanwhile, we have to settle with a taste of this second EP (after the great ”I” of last year) that in its three tracks gives a good account of what the duo offers: gothic rock, classic but well done. That Gothic Rock which takes you back to The Sisters of Mercy (when the Sisters were The Sisters, of course). But it would be very inequitable to reduce what the brothers Grim do (yes, friends, I aswell think that it is not coincidence) to being a mere copy of the everlasting gothfathers of so many groups. The duo gives themselves this premission, it doesn´t seem to matter to them at all (especially in the rhythms) what remember you of, they don´t care. Actually, it is only the first taste that comes to your throat when you listen to their music, the second taste gives you a perfect account of that Les Fleurs Du Mal are something more, we are not facing Eldritch 2.0, far from it. Neither the voices, less forcibly guttural, or in the guitars, a bit more varied, and of course, when the keyboards join the battle. It is only an accent in the rhythm.What do the Stockholmers offer then? Well, as they call it themselves, Rock Noir. Hand over fist. The Knife in my Back is the theme song that opens the EP. Guitar-epic, but less extreme than usual in the genre, which has more an air of the eighties rather than the nineties. Strigoi System, certainly continue on the same line, a bit different, less rapid but not much, rhythmic without exaggerating, gothic as bats (from hell!), but (perhaps spare the but) with a melancholy air, especially in the voice. The third song, which closes the mini EP, Run Together (Åke live bootleg), shows what these people can give you live. Supported by backing musicians on guitars (reminding of the Cult in their best period, the “Love era”) and basses (slightly Lucretia-style), I hope to enjoy it on the next album in studio. A big song. In short, Knife In My Back is a very good appetiser, but it is really short, it leaves you wanting more, much more.

Translation: laletracapital and Axel Grim