Next friday, on the 7th of February at El Perro de la Parte de Atrás del Coche, Brigitte Handley and Fee Reega will celebrate with us the Indypendientes 5th Anniversary. We talk with our favourite aussie and here is this chat.

You can listen it in spanish: 

  1. Please first, introduce yourself. Why did you start making music? Why this kind of music?

Hola! I’m Brigitte, I’m looking forward to seeing you in Spain soon. I’ll be there to launch my new single, After Dark in Madrid on the 7th of February at EL PERRO DE LA PARTE DE ATRÁS DEL COCHE. Can’t wait!

  1. First with The Dark Shadows and now alone (I don’t know if TDS are “dead” or it’s only a hiatus), you mix a lot of different music styles: rock’n’roll, punk, postpunk, pop… In which of them you are most confortable? What is your personal description of your sound?

I’m inspired by all different styles of music and art and like to keep things open and flowing when being creative. I think it’s important to be comfortable with being yourself and finding your own voice and style and learning how to express yourself in a way that feels right for you. I don’t feel restricted to any particular scene but I’m very grateful that my music has been accepted in many different musical circles.

  1. How do you think about the changes in the “post punk”(dark anything, etc) scene over these years? What do you think about present scene? There are tons of bands today and most of all sound really good! We think that we’re living one of the most prolific stage regarding bands but not regarding the amount of public ¿Do you agree?

It’s been great to see all the trends with everyone being creative in their own unique way. I think it was a really healthy alternative scene and still is… it’s hard to keep up with the amount of new bands and music emerging, which is fantastic. Definitely interesting and prolific times we’re living in and I’m loving all the new waves that keep coming!

  1. You have been active since 20 years ago, first we Danny B Harvey, then with The Dark Shadows and now “alone”. You are very prolific in this time, what do you think about changes (or “evolution”) in your personal sound along this years?

It’s been an interesting journey and evolution both personally and creatively starting  from when I was very young being inspired by rockabilly to performing with the immense energy of the band, The Dark Shadows to the minimalism of voice and acoustic guitar to what I’m doing now with the solo electric shows playing my Gretsch and FX combined with the video art visuals. I’m also starting to incorporate synths live with guest musicians joining me from time to time, which adds another depth and dimension to the songs.  I’m feeling more free and creatively inspired than ever at the moment so it will be interesting to see how the music evolves from here…

  1. What has music done for you? Is it “only” a way to express yourself? What’s your main inspiration?

I think it’s important for every being to have an outlet to express themselves. Music has taken me to some amazing places and helped ride through the dark hours. Music is a language everyone can understand, it makes us think and it brings people together. It’s a beautiful thing to have music and art in your life.

  1. How do you compose your songs? First the music and then the lyrics, etc How important are lyrics for you? What do you want to express through them?

It varies… sometime it starts with chords or a riff, sometimes lyrics… sometimes it happens simultaneously… a lot of the time it’s a struggle, other times things just flow out smoothly…

Lyrics are very important as voice is my main instrument so words, rhythm and melody are used to paint pictures to help express the feelings, mood and atmosphere in the music.

Music or any type of art is there for interpretation and once a song is completed and  set free if takes on it’s own life from there… It’s always nice when people have their own thoughts and feelings or impressions of the songs that have personal meaning to them.

  1. You now live in Berlin, but you are aussie. Which are the differences between cities (continents) about inspiration, influences, etc?

Of course there are huge differences between countries, climate, culture…. the language being the main factor although most people speak great English, knowing a bit of the local language really opens up a new and wonderful world. I thrive in cold weather and have always felt more productive n inspired in the cooler months in Australia so being in Europe really suits me in that respect although things are really warming up here too and the changes in climate is very noticeable. Being a stranger in a strange land gives me a freedom to express myself in new ways and also provides a lot of great inspiration.

  1. All your CDs and vinyls (really, all yours) have a beautiful and cared design. ¿How important is this for you?

Thank you. Yes we love working on the artwork, which is another extension of our creative outlets. A lot of thought and care goes into all of what we create and the ideas, mood and feelings behind the artwork, videos and images that go out with our music has always been a very important part of what we do. It’s also something really fun and we feel lucky to be able to have so many different artistic aspects of being a musician.

  1. In February you are going to visit Madrid for the ¿sixth? ¿seventh? time, with or without a band. What are you expecting from the Spanish audience?

Yes!!! I can’t wait to return to Madrid. I’ll be performing a special to launch my new single, After Dark in Spain and the show will also celebrate Indypendientes 5th Anniversary on Friday 7th February with Fee Reega at EL PERRO DE LA PARTE DE ATRÁS DEL COCHE.

It’s always so cool performing in Spain and I’ve had nothing but wonderful experiences with Spanish audiences who are very passionate and expressive music lovers so always happy to see you in Madrid soon.

  1. How much importance do you attach to the concerts compared to the studio? What’s Live for you? Is it more or less important than studio work? Do you use any specific scenography during your gigs? Do you consider it a good way to complement music? What is your favourite song to perform live (and why)?

Both studio and live performance are equally important. I love the creative process behind the scenes in the studio and rehearsing up the live arrangements. I love performing live…. I’m in my element on the stage and it’s a place where I can really connect with the audience directly and share the journey together through music.

The video art projections use a mix of abstract imagery, lineal structures competing with natural elements, movement and flow, going forward, searching…

  1. Future plans.

We’ve got lots of exciting things planned for 2020 and beyond…. lots of great shows and festivals coming up throughout the year and looking forward to sharing some new music that we’ve been working on with you as well. We have some cool tracks going to be released and I’ll be doing a show with someone who I really admire, Paul Roman and his band, The Quakes.

And last, three questions of a more frivolous nature (not sure if the above are not so):

  1. You have released some songs in all these years… Which three would you choose from your whole career?

Requiem is song that I always enjoy performing for it’s atmospheric drama.

The new single, After Dark, inspired by silent movies and how there can be communication without language, just expression and feeling…

Distänt Mind….  speaks of how we all see things through different eyes…. but it’s through these differences that make us unique and learning to accept these differences helps us learn more about ourselves…

  1. During the last years, I am sure that there have been a number of bands and songs that have had an influence in you… Could you choose three songs from other bands that you would have liked to write yourselves?

The Garden, Einstürzende Neubauten

Rubycon Part 1 – Tangerine Dream

Oxygene – Jean Michel Jarre

  1. Apart from the three songs just mentioned, which three songs would you cover?

V2 Schneider – Bowie

Is that all there is… Peggy Lee

Nice Age – Yellow Magic Orchestra

  1. Thank you very much for all!. The last words are yours.

Thanks so much for having me on your show and for playing my music on Laletra Capital! See you in Madrid !